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Far-Out First Friday: Back in Time

  • Louisiana Art & Science Museum 100 River Rd S. Baton Rouge, LA 70802 (map)

At this month's Far-Out First Friday, kickoff our Dino Days celebration by experiencing a night of full-dome planetarium shows, and even meet a renowned paleontologist.  You'll also have a chance to encounter Jason - the 65-million-year-old Triceratops skull that inspired our weekend-long celebration!

Be propelled back through the epochs during a free 7pm showing of "Dinosaurs at Dusk."  Explore an Earth teeming with some of the largest land animals ever in existence, including Pteradons, Triceratrops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Preceding the main show, enjoy an overview of our Baton Rouge nighttime sky in "The Sky Tonight."

And from the earliest creatures of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous, realistic and scientifically-accurate computer generated animation brings dinosaurs back to life in a big way during an 8pm showing of "Dinosaurs Alive."  Join some of the world's preeminent paleontologists as they uncover evidence that the descendents of dinosaurs still walk (or fly) among us.  Paleontologist Judith Shiebout will be joining us to provide a special introduction to this newest planetarium show.

Then at 9pm, sit back and enjoy the debut of Pink Floyd's laser spectacular, "The Wall."  You may have experienced Pink Floyd's famous album in fulldome before, but "The Wall" in laser form is a completely different experience.  Pink Floyd's classic 1979 epid about personal struggle is woven into one of the most popular laser shows ever produced.

7pm - "Dinosaurs at Dusk" (Free)

8pm - "Dinosaurs Alive" ($5.50/Members, $7.50/Non-Members)

9pm - "Pink Floyd: The Wall" ($5.50/Members, $7.50/Non-Members)

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