2016 Sorrento Boucherie Festival

  • Sorrento, La

For the first time in six years, the Sorrento Lions Club is celebrating the festival upon which the town once staked its reputation as the "Boucherie Capital of the World. On the festival's schedule is the Miss Sorrento Boucherie Festival Pageant; live music by Hai Karate, Sofa Kings and Foret Tradition; jambalaya and cracklin' cooking competitions; plus a separate "Champ of Champs" cooking competition where past Boucherie Festival jambalaya and cracklin' champions will compete for the grand title, Templet said." -The Advocate Read the full article here! For information or to volunteer at the Boucherie Festival, contact the Lions Club at sorrentolalionsclub@gmail.com or visit the club's Facebook page at sorrentolionsclub-louisiana. For information about the Miss Sorrento Boucherie Festival Pageant, contact pageant volunteers at (225) 622-5455.