On the ballot: BREC millage

We thought you might like some extra unbiased information regarding an initiative on this year's ballot!

BREC will need to renew half of its operating and maintenance budget. This would be facilitated via a 3.96 millage ballot initiative for all East Baton Rouge Parish voters on November 8, 2016. This millage is a requirement for BREC to continue to provide its recreation programs, to continue operating its facilities, and to maintain the parks.  

What is a millage? According to the EBRP assessor, a mill is defined as 1/10 of 1 percent (or 0.001) and is multiplied by the assessed value of a property to calculate the taxes, after exemptions have been subtracted. In short, it's a very small percentage of value used when calculating taxes. For example, if your property has an assessed value of $100,000, then the millage would be $100.00.  When millages are passed for governmental facilities, it either ensures that the facility will increase its revenue or it will continue to receive its revenue throughout the timeline stated in the proposition.   

BREC's millage renewal would fund half of BREC's budget. If passed, the renewal will maintain the current staff at its current capacity, as well as maintain BREC's 180+ facilities, ball fields, recreation centers, and over 6600 acres of land. The funding would maintain over 40 miles of walking and hiking pathways, and continue to provide summer camps to children and social activities for senior citizens, among several other services provided throughout the year. The millage will simply keep BREC up and running at its current capacity, the way that it has been in the past. If not passed, BREC will be forced to make significant cuts to its programs and reductions to current staff.  

The millage will NOT purchase new park land, build a new zoo, or new parks. When voting this November, keep in mind that this renewal millage is a continuation of what the tax-payers of East Baton Rouge Parish have been paying in the past. It in no way represents an increase of taxes or the proposal of any new taxes.

We hope this helps explain one of the items on the ballot so you can cast your vote, fully informed! Happy voting!